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Most Historians either see WWII as a continuation of WWI or at least closely related to the causes of WWII:

From 1933  until the winter of 1937-38, Hitler's foreign policy attempted to configure international alignments and influence world opinion with a view to isolating the Soviet Union in preparation for the destruction of Jewish Bolshevism' and the conquest of living space in the east. From 1937-38 until 1940 then, Hitler's plans went seriously awry, notably with regard to his original intentions towards Great Britain and Poland, so much so that in September 1939 he found himself in the  circumstance of being at war with two powers earmarked as potential allies against Bolshevik Russia, with whom he had been compelled to conclude a pact of non-aggression. In a third stage, beginning in June 1941, Hitler launched his ideologically determined attack on Bolshevism, a decision that not only represented the climax of years of planning and preparation, but one that also had profound repercussions for the fate of European Jewry. Continue with From Hitler to Stalin:

From Hitler to Stalin P.1.

From Hitler to Stalin P.2.

From Hitler to Stalin P.3.

From Hitler to Stalin P.4.

From Hitler to Stalin P.5.

To gain a new favorite status for an alignment of the Muslim world, Hitler with the help of the Palestinians wanted to exterminate half a million Jews in what is now Israel plus all Jews in Tunisia and Syria. SS Walter Schellenberg (Head of the Secret Service) wrote Summer 1942: The extreme friendliness of the Muslim world towards Hitler comes from the hope he will remove the Jews from the Middle East.” For this end, a family member of later President Yasser Arafat, leading pan-Arabist Mohammed Amin el-Husseini (1893-1974), met with Adolf Eichman to discuss a ‘Master Plan’ for the alignment of the ‘Arab World’ with Nazi Germany. In fact The history of the Middle East would have been completely different and a Jewish state could never have been established if the Germans and Arabs had joined forces.

The Nazi Documents P.1: The Russian Connection

"Hitler is describing himself as akin to a spiritualist medium like Madame Blavatsky" (New York University Press, Hitler's Millennial Reich by David Redles, p. 150). The Nazi Documents P.2: Volkisch Myth.

Adolf Hitler indeed intended to recreate the Vatican's St Peter's Square in the centre of Berlin to honour his ally Benito Mussolini (Corriere della Sera, 05/01/2006, p. 30).The plans however were abandoned at the end of 1943 as Germany neared defeat, yet might have been part of the rumors that gave rise to the unproven claim, Hitler wanted to abduct Pius XII and lock him up in a German castle.

Lecture in London: The Secret War Between the Allies:

Convinced since early 1942 that Germany would loose the War, in August 1942 Himmler proceeded to Zhitomir where he explained the head of the "Sicherheidienst" Schellenberg, how to unseat Hitler in a putsch that would be followed by a secret deal for a negotiated peace with the Western Allies in exchange for license to continue Germany's war with the Soviet Union. See Picture on the left for his arrival at Zithomir. The second picture shows Schellenberg (far right), a witness at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, sits with former subordinates in the Sicherheitsdienst-foreign intelligence-including Wilhelm Hoettl (on his right), who handled Balkan intelligence for Schellenberg; The Final Secret of WWII: The Murder of Hitler

The Vatican and Hitler: As a new world war loomed, the Vatican believed it had to make a choice between communism and Nazism. Reluctantly, both Pius XII and his predecessor chose the Nazis as the lesser of two evils. In the balance rested the genocide of European Jews. As difficult as his wartime behavior is to accept, perhaps nothing demonstrates Pius' fear of communism more than his misguided and unethical attempt to thwart its growth in South America by abetting the escape of Nazis and Usta'i war criminals. The Secret Archive.

The reason why the Hess/Hitler overture to England was ignored by Churchill et al is because they knew of potential much better deals that included the replacement of Hitler. With the knowledge of Hitler’s  spy chief  who was in constant contact with London since 1938 two attemps where made to murder Hitler. And by the summer of 1942-if not before, in December 1941, when the United States entered the War Heinrich Himmler was convinced that Germany would lose, and begun searching for ways to ingratiate himself with the Western Allies, using the SS and the Nazi Party security apparatus as bargaining chips.In fact in 1941 British intelligence had been passed off fake ‘Nazi documents’ to the US President, which he used to persuade Congress to bring America ever closer to direct engagement. Although it gives me no pleasure to revisit legends such as Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt.

Recently, in an interview with Stefan Reinecke and Christian Semler, British historian Peter Longerich introducing his new book, explains that: "On one hand, details of the murder of the Jews were handled as a state secret, the revelation of which was punishable - on the other hand, the regime itself more or less confirmed rumours about the 'final solution.' We have access to a great deal of documents and statements indicating that Germans understood that the deported Jews were to be murdered. The Mistake of Peter Longerich:

Although we specialize in correcting it, Alternative History is real and all the time in the making. As a first in our series of Alternative Histories of the 20 to 21 Century we start with the making of WWII today

"Soyuz 81", the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 as a conflict between the `core nation' of the empire, and the ethnic groups of the republics. Continue:

All the original UN members in 1945 shared one characteristic, to be invited to the UN's founding conference in San Francisco, a state had to have declared war on at least one of the Axis powers. One of the flaws of the early UN was that because of Stalin's wartime cooperation with Roosevelt, the organization's architects had an excessively benign, if not naïve, view of the USSR. Today the UN is supposed to be a force for international security. Instead it has allowed crises to explode. And the UN's failure in one conflict only creates other crises, as the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide reveals. The UN is protected by a very high wall of political correctness that makes criticism of it tantamount to an attack on all of mankind. But it is time to recognize that it has utterly failed to achieve its founders' goals: to halt aggression. Comment:

Dec. 26, 2008: Based on the 1944 assassination attempt against Hitler today Valkyrie was released and with it follows a whole series of books.

A Catholic family belonging to the nobility, the Stauffenberg’s for a long time supported Hitler. Followed by a discussion about German Protestants, we thus also compare sympathies for the Nazi’s among the aristocracy’s of Germany, Belgium, France, Rumania and Italy.

Most Historians agree that ‚operation Valkury‘ was a military coup attempt (to take over from an incompetent Hitler) and not an act of opposition to the Nazi system as such. It is furthermore known that not only Claus von Stauffenberg’s, but also other conservative German resisters were anti-Semitic-Carl Goerdeler, Adam von Trott, and the Kreisau Circle. They believed that Germany was and should be based on Christian values. Although as we shall see underneath, the stronger anti-Semitism might be found in German Protestantism. Like the Nazis and other Germans, most resisters regarded the Jews as unwanted evil aliens, never to be permitted German citizenship. These resisters wanted a volkish Fuehrer state without Hitler. Or as Bonhoffer's friend Eberhard Bethge put it, "we were against Hitler's church policy, but at the same time we were antisemites."

By adding English language sources, underneath we ad to the content of Pope and Devil ( Papst und Teufel ) by Herbert Wolf and "Nazis auf der Flucht" by Gerald Steinacher about the Nazi flight and its Vatican connection. The Vatican’s War P.1.

Where on 11 October 2007 the BBC reported 'Dirty War' trial puts spotlight on Church; we instead will be able to point out why an ideological affinity with Hitler became possible, and in the case of the Vatican-- had to do with political self interest. The Vatican’s War P.2.

In Mystici Corporis Christi of 1943, the Vatican indicated  that if Jews did not convert, their destiny layout of the reach of the Church because they had broken the covenant. Thus when the Archbishop of Belgium was asked to "pls.say something" in regards to the more than twenty five thousand Jews that were incarcerated around the corner from his own palace, in order to be gassed in Auschwitz; that this was "not the Church's business".* The Vatican’s War P.3.

First mentioned in our From Belgium to Kosovo Research, we also will present the final information regarding among others, Ante Pavelic and so on. The Ustasa's gold: The Vatican’s War P.4. 

In 1942 Pius XII counting on a envisioned a postwar Eastern Europe anchored by a bloc of countries-a constellation like that of the AustroHungarian Empire, which earlier in the century had embraced Croatia. Hungarians, Austrians, and Croats had once been the bulwark of Europe that held off the infidel Muslim. Might not they now form a bulwark against the new infidel-the atheist Soviets? The Vatican’s War P.5.

During the years after World War II, Pius XII believed that a military showdown between the Soviet Union and the west would occur. If that were to happen, it would have his blessing. The Nazi/Vatican Connection P.6.

After having written his own book  The Jews,” Kaiser Wilhelm II was very enthused when reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and next imitated Hitler’s radicalism by writing his own book, “The Jews.” It was also the former German Emperor who allowed his youngest son Auwi to join Hitler. The wider historical background of: The Valkyrie Debate P.1.

The public image of the German aristocracy during the Nazi period, has today been largely shaped by the well-known events depicted in Valkyrie. The time bomb Claus von Stauffenberg carries in Valkyrie, is made with components provided for by the British. The Valkyrie Debate P.2.

Followed by our discussion about German Protestants, we compare sympathies for the Nazi’s among the aristocracy’s of Germany, Belgium, France, Rumania and Italy. The Valkyrie Debate P.3.

The German Protestant understanding of church and state structure under the Weimar Government was a strong threat to the stability of their hope as they sought to revert to the pre-Weimar relationships with church and state. Protestant Nazi Hopes P.1.

The Christian Scriptures provide ample material for the formulation of the attitudes of Protestants during the Nazi years as a means to restore and maintain Christian hope as they understood it. The Scriptures were dressed in new clothing and the new message of Hitler's Germany was laced with Biblical images and motifs. Protestant Nazi Hopes P.2.

The use of Luther by the Nazis was not a fabrication on their part. Little imagination is required to present anti Semitism through the lens of Lutheranism. The despair and anxiety produced by difficult life conditions can resurrect preexisting hatreds and prejudices toward a certain out-group, blaming the out-group for the difficult life conditions. When the socialpolitical organization is given sanction through its authority to act against the targeted group as a means to bring about relief from the difficult life conditions then the probability of mistreatment of the target group is highly elevated. Protestant Nazi Hopes P.3.

The Danish people, the Huguenot community of Le Chambon in France and perhaps a few individuals were the only Protestants who chose to stand with or for the Jews in their plight. But this was not a place most German Protestants were willing to stand, because they were engaged in their own struggle for self-fulfillment. Protestant Nazi Hopes P.4.

Protestant Nazi Hopes P.5: Conclusion.





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