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Oct. 11, 2008: During our visit to Nepal a few days ago we found that the child medium 'living goddess' cult is still alive and well there. The true history of Child Mediums in Asia.

Oct. 12, 2008: Searching for Ancient Spirits in Asia; child mediums in perspective: Research Report P.2.


While already hinting at the transition from Waidan to Neidan alchemy in China, we proceed with an in depth investigation ofinternalalchemy, and Tantra in China. Introduction.

Tantra in China P.1.

Buddhist Dream-Yoga in Tibet, P.1

Although there are a number of works explaining the Tibetam ritual practice of dream yoga, as in-depth history and specific influences have yet to be traced. Another area encompasses the whole question of the relationship between shamanism and soteriology. And this will be the starting point for the research undertaken by us during our upcoming visit in Tibet and Kashmir during December 2004.

Buddhist Dream-Yoga in Tibet, P.2

Buddhist Dream-Yoga in Tibet, P.3

Today the BBC has followed suit reporting on the New Chinese rules.

The Dance of Lives: The Tulku Game
The Dalai Lama in an apparent attempt to secure his country and lineage from China turning the tables on the tulku game, said he doesn't want to be reincarnated in any territory under Chinese rule.

Chan Buddhism

While 'godmen' like Sai Baba in India continue to attract western followers ----sometimes spectators do not understand the fabric of meaning spun by these 'holy men.' In fact their practices probably originated from the outlook of  Muslim mystics, referred to as a sufi. Visiting India P.1.

Visiting India P.2: Beyond the Rope Trick.

Last year we investigated Java in the context of Psychiatry and Beliefs in Indonesia P.1

Experiencing Java: Psychiatry and Beliefs in Indonesia P.2

Eclectic Muslims ? One cannot describe this subject in Java and not mention the role of local Islam and Kyia‘s. Psychiatry and Beliefs in Indonesia P.3:

Offical Healthservices and Conclusion. Psychiatry and Beliefs in Indonesia P.4:

Case Study Singapore’s neo-Confusianism: Democracy and Balance.


Besides a History of Globalization one of the other issues we covered before starting this website is a History of ideas that also included the Globalization of  (mostly new) Religious movements. In this context, an introduction to traditional Taoism.

The Origins of Daoism

Alchemy has become quaint part of public culture around the world, but differently in China than in the West. Last week we presented  never before published information about the early period of Alchemy in Europe. Today we follow this up with a never before published report about Chinese waiden, and  neidan (internal). To date scolars were far from understanding the transition from waidan to neidan. But to do just that one has to start with the largely neglected early period exemplified by The Scripture of Great Clarity (Taiqing jing), the Scripture of the Nine Elixirs (jiudan jing), and the Scripture of the Golden Liquor (jinye jing) that form the nucleus of the Taiqing doctrinal and textual legacy. Enter Waidan:

From Waidan to Neidan: Religious-Meditative Alchemy

Introduction: Indian Tantra Anyone?

During the eight- century Cakras are identified with four geographical sites (pithas), which appear to correspond to points of contact between the Indian subcontinent and inner Asia: these are Kamakhya (Gauhati, Assam), Uddiyâna (Swat Valley?), Pûrnagiri (Punjab?), and Jâlandhara (upper Punjab). This tradition is repeated in numerous sources, including those of the twelfth-century Nâth SiddhasLater they were also called "cremation grounds" in a number of hathayogic sources.

Tantra Unveiled P.1: Development

Tantra Unveiled P.2: Secret (Inner)Practice

Tantra Unveiled P.3: Sexual Tantra and Beyond

Tantra Unveiled P.4: Initiations

The Tantric yogin, having ejaculated into his partner, draws his semen together with her sexual emission back into his penis. For the Nath Siddha urethral suction was visualized by means of  an alleged vacuum, the vajroli mudra, "seal” (of the place of the male organ). Siddha Traditions in Medieval India. The Occult Connection.

Not unlike the nine Chinese ‘immortals’ (Sanskrit-‘Naths’) in many Puranas, "Siddha practitioners of yoga who have achieved immortality" figure in the World of Brahman, including Goraka- the historical founder of the Nath Siddhas and hatha yoga­. The Occult Connection P.2.

The relationship between the jogis on the one hand, and Kabir and other nirgun (formless- meaning non-religious- god) bhaktas such as Sants on the other, is complex and inconsistently formulated and maintained. But for this reason  it is also problematic to include them under the umbrella of 'Hinduism.' The Occult Connection of Nath Siddha Alchemy P.3





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