Following the article we posted on 6 July 2019, we received a lot of mails asking for more information when we reported that Lafosse's center of activities became the Czech Republic, where he is involved with selling alleged Moravian 'knightly' titles:

In his book The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland, published in 1998, the 'prince' (born in 1958) states that his mother is descended in the male line from a son and heir born to the Young Pretender in 1786, by a second marriage contracted in Rome in 1785. Both the son and the marriage were previously unknown to history, as indeed was the papal annulment by which the Pretender's first, unhappy marriage was necessarily brought to an end. 

Michel Lafosse /Prince Michael’s birth certificate stated that Lafosse allegedly was born in Brussels on 21 April 1958 in the Ville de Bruxelles district. His parents were Baron Gustave Joseph Fernand Clément Lafosse and Princess Renée Julienne Stewart. And a marriage certificate ‘Prince Michael’ published stated that Lafosse's grandparents Prince Julius Joseph Jacques Stewart and Princess Germania Elisa Segers, were married in 1932, again in Brussels.

When an attempt was made to verify these, a letter from the Registrar's Office, Boulevard Anspach 6, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique, signed by the Conseiller Etat Civil, stated bluntly that his birth and marriage certificates were false ('sont des faux')!

Furthermore, the document received from the Conseiller Etat Civil of the Registrar's Office in Brussels stated that Michel Lafosse was born elsewhere in Brussels. And the copy of Lafosse's true birth certificate below, which shows that he was indeed born in Brussels on 21 April 1958 but in the Watermael-Boitsfort district, with recorded first names Michel Roger, and that his parents are named simply as Gustave Joseph Clément Fernand Lafosse, a shopkeeper, and Renée Julienne Dée, a business employee, with no indication of any noble status whatsoever.

After double checking this the Etat Civil, Commune de Watermael-Boitsfort, Place Gilson 1, 1170 Bruxelles, Belgique, in 2002, confirmed once more that the certificate below is indeed authentic, the words used being, 'Le certificat en question est une copie conforme à l'original'.

Then, when the Home Office sought clarification from Michael Lafosse about his use of forged documents to seek (and receiving) British naturalization and the issue of a British passport, he then left the United Kingdom and via Belgium moved for some time to Australia.

Thus  “Prince Michael James Stewart” or the way he names himself more recently in the Czech Republic where a body of people (pictured below) continues to defend him as "Princ Michael Jakub Alexander Stewart z Albany" are the same person as Michael Roger Lafosse, a Belgian citizen.

The Royal House of Stuart became extinct in the male line with the death of Henry (IX) Stuart, Duke of York, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, and Bishop of Frascati in 1807. He had succeeded his elder brother, Charles (III) Stuart, sometimes known as "Bonnie Prince Charlie," in 1788, on the latter's death without legitimate issue (he left one illegitimate daughter, Clementina, who also died without issue). Both were the sons of James (III), Prince of Wales, the only son of James II, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, (illegally) deposed as King of England and Scotland on 10 Dec 1688, and as King of Ireland six months later, who died in exile in 1701. With Cardinal Henry of York's death, representation of the House of Stuart passed to Charles Emmanuel of Savoy, King of Sardinia. The latter's present heir is Franz, Duke of Bavaria.

In naming "Marguerite Marie Therese O'Dea d'Audibert de Lussan" as Charles' supposed second wife, "Prince Michael" begins a pattern of attributing to people the surnames of their maternal ancestors; Marguerite O'Dea may have been descended in the female line from the families of Audibert and Lussan, but she had no right to use these surnames herself. She was not a member of the great French families of Audibert or Lussan and had no right to the title "Comtesse de Massilan."

Prince Michael also brings together four lines of descent from Prince Charles Edward Stuart. His grandmother, the Princess de Sedan, descends from the marriage of Aglae Clementine, daughter of the Duchess of Albany by Ferdinand de Rohan-Guenene (sic, actually Guemenée), whilst his father, the Count of Blois, has two descents from the other Rohan-Albany daughter, both via Prince Louis Xavier de Bourbon, son of Charles, Duc de Berri, the son of Charles X. His paternal grandfather descending from Prince Louis' daughter, Victorine, and grandfather’s wife, is a descendant of the Duc d’Aquitaine.

Today, there are several lines descended from Prince Edward James, Second Count of Albany. They include the Counts of Derneley and the Dukes of Coldingham. Foremost, however, in the mainline of legitimate descent from Charles Edward Stewart and his son Edward James is the present Seventh Count of Albany: Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, Duc d’Aquitaine, Comte de Blois, Head of the Sacred Kindred of St Columba, Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Patron Grand officer of the International Society of Commission Officers for the Commonwealth, and President of the European Council of Princes. Prince Michael’s own compelling book, "Forgotten Monarchy" (a thoroughly detailed and politically corrected history of the Scots royal descent), is now in the course of preparation.

On the one hand, the senior Stewart line goes all the way back to King Arthur’s father, King Aedan of Scots, and Prince Nascien of the Septimanian Midi on the other. The Scots descent traces further back through King Lucius of Siluria to Bran the Blessed and Joseph of Aramathea (St James the Just). At the same time, the Midi succession stems from the Merovingians male ancestral line through the Fisher Kings to Jesus and Mary Magdalene."

This wholly fictional claim is taken from The Bloodline of the Holy Grail - The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Laurence Gardner, The Chevalier Labhran de St Germain, and published by Element Books. It is a complete invention and cannot be supported by any documents or historical sources. The alleged genealogy is filled with falsehoods, the most obvious being that Prince Charles Edward, Charles III, never married "Marguerite O’Dea d’Audibert de Lussan, Comtesse de Massillan" (1749-1820), had he done so, he would have been guilty of bigamy since he was already married to Princess Louise of Stolberg, who survived him. Perhaps this name is called into the equation because the Drummond Dukes of Melfort married into this same family and inherited the Lussan title.

The de la Tour d'Auvergne family, Dukes of Bouillon and Princes of Sedan had become extinct in the male line in the 1790s, and their inheritance passed to the Rohan family; "Germaine Elize Segers de la Tour d’Auvergne, Princess de Sedan" (1908-1992), did not exist (at least not as a member of that family with those titles). He apparently does not even know the alleged date of this fictional marriage - his own grandparents - is an astonishing admission when it is supposedly by this alliance that he makes his ridiculous claim to the British throne! The fact that a wholly fictional son of the Duke of Berry, "Prince Louis-Xavier de Bourbon," is called into the equation is further evidence of "Prince" Michael's fantastic imagination. He also claims descent from the Duke of Aquitaine (later Dauphin and then titular Louis XIX), who never actually had any issue by his wife, the only surviving child of Louis XVI Marie-Antoinette.

Several other points that contrary to the claims in the Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland that have been evidenced are that:

-  A “painting” claimed to be by Laurence Pechaux of the “Countess de Massillan” (Charles’ alleged second wife).  It is, in fact, a pastel portrait by Maurice Quentin La Tour of an unknown woman. 

- The Picture Credits in Forgotten Monarchy indicate that either the original portrait or reproduction is located in the frequently cited “Stewart Achieves.” This repository is variously described as being in Scotland or Brussels. According to the author, it appears to accommodate an additional 28 portraits, among many other items of “evidence.”  Despite some clearly fabricated identities, claiming to be of researchers studying the collection, no reputable scholar has ever even heard of the “Stewart Archives.”

- The method used by Lafosse in his artistic deceptions becomes even more obvious when he captions a portrait claimed to be a cousin of Charles Edward’s second wife. This is the person whom the Claimant alleges was used as “a decoy when Charles made secret trips to Britain.” [xli]  By way of comparison, a second portrait is shown, this time claiming that it is of the genuine Prince Charles Edward.

It was not difficult to identify the source of two other portraits in The Forgotten Monarchy. A book by Donald Nicholas was an obvious reference source. It contains an extensive collection of portraits of “Bonnie Prince Charlie.” One of them is located with the Irish Dominicans of San Clemente in Rome. It was once described as a portrait of the Chevalier de St George, by whom this is meant James the “Old Pretender.”

Further to Lafosse's claims in The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland;

No valid record has been provided or found to support a “divorce” or annulment of Louise's marriage of Stolberg and Prince Charles. Notice of Agreement for a Separation does exist.

- No valid record has been provided or found that Charles Edward contracted a marriage (valid or not) with anyone after he and Louise separated.

- No valid record has been provided, or found, to support the claim that Prince Charles contracted a second marriage to the “Comtesse de Massillan.”

- No valid record has been provided, or found, to suggest that this supposed marriage resulted in the birth of “Prince Edward James Stewart.”

- No valid record has been provided or found to suggest that baptism was held in St Peter’s for a child of “Prince Edward James Stewart 2nd Count of Albany” and “Maria Pasquini,” let alone one conducted by the Pope.

- There are no entries in any documents held either at the Church of Santi Apostoli or in any identifiable files confirming a marriage between Charles Edward and the “Comtesse de Massillan.”

The evidence confirms that in the matter of other documents:

- The Secretariat of the Catholic school of Saint-Vincent in Soignies, Belgian, located the record of student Michael Roger Lafosse. There was no record of the attendance of “Prince Michael James Stewart.”

- The marriage certificate purporting to be for “Prince Julius of Annandale” and “Princess Germaine Elize de la Tour de Sedan” (the alleged grandparents of “Prince Michael) has been declared false by the authorities that are claimed to have issued it.

- No valid evidence (birth, baptism, marriage, divorce or death certificates, wills, burial sites, or title deeds) has been provided or found to support the existence of any of the “Counts of Albany” or their supposed wives.

- There is no evidence of the existence of a so-called “Council of Princes” of which the false Prince claims he is President

- Contrary to the claim by Lafosse that he was “received by the Pope in the audience” in his role as President of the Council of Princes, the Vatican has no record of any “HRH Prince Michael James Stewart” being received.

It has been shown that correspondence between the Secretary of the Vatican Secret Archives and “Prince Michael” had been tampered with to reflect a Vatican official's support when such support had not been given.  On the contrary, the Vatican rejected all the assertions of the Claimant.

- The alleged entries in the Marriage Register of the Church of Santi Apostoli for a marriage between Prince Charles Edward and the “Comtesse de Massillan” do not exist.

- There is no rite in the Catholic Liturgy for “Dynastic Entry.” The priest-in-charge of the church in which this rite was allegedly performed. Priest stated that no ceremony resembling the one described by “Prince Michael” took place.

The evidence confirms that in the matter of military service, special appointments, and social occasions:

- The Belgian Ministry of Defence denies calling-up a “Prince Michael James Stewart” to complete a supposed National Service obligation. No records have been found to confirm the service of “HRH Prince Michael James Stewart.”

- Michael Roger Lafosse was called-up for National Service obligations that were discharged between 2nd September 1977 and 1st September 1978.

- The Administrative Office of the European Community denies any knowledge of the so-called “Council of Princes.”

- The Head of the Austrian Habsburg family denies having any connection with this Council about which he also has no knowledge.

- No Vatican records have been located that confirm an alleged private audience by Pope John-Paul II with “Prince Michael” in 1992 or at any other time. For this and some of the other issues see also the revealing The Jack MacDonald Report.

The mayor of Brussels' office cannot identify the event that purports to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the wedding of the “Prince and Princess of Annandale.”

- There is no evidence for the “creation” of the title “Princess of Strathearn” or whose authority this conferral took place. One would expect that this document, being of such importance and such recent date, would also be held in the “Stewart Achieve.”

- There is no reference to the writ of abdication by “Princess Renéee” in favor of her son Michael to whom, it appears, legitimate succession passed but without further explanation.

The evidence confirms that in the matter of alleged Stuart buildings:

- No valid evidence has been provided or found to confirm the so-called Casa Stuardo in Rome or the so-called Château Moulin in the Belgian Ardennes.  Nor have the remains of either been located.

- No documentary evidence has been provided or found recording the disposal of any property in the names of any alleged “Albany” lines.

- The evidence confirms that in the matter of the Noble Order of the Guard of St Germain and related chivalric awards and honors:

There are some members of “Prince Michael’s” circles are members of an (invented) “The Noble Order of the Guard of Saint Germain. In fact, there is no evidence to support the claim that the Noble Order of the Guard of Saint Germain is a legitimate order of chivalry. The “order” is simply a creation of Lafosse.

- No members, including the self-appointed Grand Master, have the right to use post-nominals denoting membership of a legitimate order of chivalry, nor may they legally use the honorific “Sir” or “Dame” before their names.

The evidence confirms that in the matter of the Genealogical Tables:

- The genealogical information in The Forgotten Monarchy is substantially from the work of the self-styled Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain and was first published in Bloodline of the Holy Grail. This, in itself, conveys no authority. The lack of verifiable connections of the supposed genealogical entries attracts no recognition from anyone other than the readers of the popular esoteric material currently in some bookshops who wish to believe the bizarre claims.

- Qualified genealogists have already provided a persuasive and technical critique of the charts. They are universal in their rejection of the supposed lineage.

Further to what has been detailed above, the evidence confirms that in the matter of the misuse of artworks to identify contrives figures in the “Albany” story:

- The Claimant has deliberately used both identified and unidentified pieces of art deceptively. The most serious deception involves the work of Maurice Quentin La Tour. This portrait is currently displayed in the Musée Antoine Lecuyer, Saint Quentin, France. “Prince Michael” alleges that it is a portrait of the “Comtesse de Massillan,” a work by Laurent Pechaux.  Both the identification by “Prince Michael” of the subject and the artist are false in every detail.

- The original of this portrait cannot be held in the “Stewart Archives.”

- Musée Lecuyer is the holder of the copyright for the portrait, not “Prince Michael Stewart,” or Lafosse for that matter.

- The artist responsible for the pastel is Maurice Quentin La Tour (1704-1788); it is not Laurent Pecheux.

- The subject is possibly Julie Jeanne Eléonore de Lespinasse (1732-1776).

Significant circumstantial evidence points to how LaFosse harvested the names of his “players” from readily available sources to identify the improbable characters in his period-piece melodrama.

- There is a reproduction of a portrait in The Forgotten Monarchy alleged to be of “Rohano-Stuardo.  He is the alleged second cousin of the Comtesse de Massillan and was a double for Prince Charles Edward.  The pictorial evidence is poorly contrived, cropping a reproduction of a portrait of the incorrectly identified “Old Pretender” at San Clemente. Art historians now regarded it as depicting Bonnie Prince Charlie.

- There is no reference to any artists such as Guiseppe Isola, Theo van Rysselberghe, or Michele Cammarano having painted any subject recognized as a royal Prince in a line of Albany.

Other issues go to the matter of character and, perhaps, exposure of his needs for recognition as something more than an ordinary man.  It does reveal a range of fantasy, and each has a strong element of attempts to redress what I regard as social inadequacy.

Some examples cited include:

- United Nations 2001 Volunteer Service Medal: an “award” alleged by Lafosse to have been issued by the UN. This organization denies making the award.

- Certificate and Citation for Medal Award: A forged certificate attesting to the award.  Totally rejected by the UN.

There also is no evidence that the so-called  Royal Order of the Moravian Knights of St. Rostislav and Columban, whose 'Grandmaster' is Lafosse (other than registered as an 'association'), is a legitimate order of chivalry.

Apparently, both men and women can receive honors:

The 'order' titled Královský řád Moravských rytířů svatých Rastislava a Kolumbana is listed among the self-proclaimed knightly orders in the Czech Republic; Samozvaný rytířský řád (also translated as 'self-styled' order or 'ordre de fantaisie').

However, it is not clear where Lafosse has his actual home at the moment.

It also appears that Lafosse is currently experiencing some impediment to his visiting his Czech operations, what that impediment is remaining to be confirmed.


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