As a term, the West (and its variants such as Western civilization,Western society, etc.)  appeared surprisingly recent. Inventing the West P.1.

But what kind of category is the West, and when and why did it become fundamental for intellectual discourse? Inventing the West P.2.

Eurocentrism, Afrocentrism, Multiculturalism. Inventing the West P.3.

The absence of the concept of the West just where it appears to be most present. Inventing the West P.4.

Hellenism was the essential precondition for the adoption of the West as a concept. Inventing the West P.5.

According to the Slavophile Vision Russia had a civilizing mission. Inventing the West P.6.

The Question of Nihilism. Inventing the West P.7.

The rise of the West as a concept came with Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West. Next Anti-colonial political ideologies took up the Russian framework in the twentieth century: for example, Gustave Von Grunebaum, in his 1965 Modern Islam: The Search for Cultural Identity, claims that Arab and other third-world nationalists are ''taking the road the Russians took little more than a century ago" Inventing the West P.8.


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