Shortly after its independence from Britain, Americans began by making sufficient steps for controlling the Pacific-- thus reconstructing the global order with the US at the center of the earth.

American Ascendance P.1: Asia in the New Spatial Order

American Ascendance P.2: The China Blockade

American Ascendance P.3: The Japan Blockade

American Ascendance P.4: Opium War

While Kathleen Burk recently described growth of the special relationship between the UK and the USA we proceed by placing this into a larger context with:

The Anglo-Saxon Ascendancy: A Concise Overview P.1

On September 17, 1656, Oliver Cromwell asked Parliament: Who are our enemies, and why do they hate us? There was, he then asserted, an axis of evil abroad in the world.

The Anglo-Saxon Ascendancy: A Concise Overview P.2

From the first hints of diplomatic discord over the course of the Mexican Revolution, through the British discovery of oil in Iraq, competition over the Kuwait concession, the oil strike in Masjid-e Sulaiman to the negotiation of the Anglo-American Oil Agreement in 1944 which, in theory, settled the dispute, the oil war offers a fascinating and revealing reflection of the transfer of hegemony from Great Britain to the United States

Upcoming The Anglo-Saxon Ascendancy: A Concise Overview P.3


Unrelated to Washington's glaring misadventures in Iraq, there furthermore was the tightening market in oil and natural gas, which has enhanced the power of hydrocarbon-rich nations as never before; the rapid economic expansion of the mega-nations China and India; the transformation of China into the globe's leading manufacturing base; and the end of the Anglo-American duopoly in international television news. While in April 2007, the Kremlin issued a major foreign policy document. "The myth about the unipolar world fell apart once and for all in Iraq," it stated. "A strong, more self-confident Russia has become an integral part of positive changes in the world." This was reiterated today by the Russian President.

America at a Crossroads P.1: The Truth about the Cold War.

Settling into the White House in 1993, Bill Clinton had undeniably inherited a shiny new world where American power, no longer trammeled by the Soviet Union, stood at its historical apex. America at a Crossroads P.2:  Superpower Politics.

Where the United States is the security lender of last resort, American power is a provocation for the lesser players. America at a Crossroads P.3: Anti-Americanism.

The Bush Doctrine is actually being defined by action, as opposed to by words," Bush told Tom Brokaw aboard Air Force One in 2003. Mai 2006 then, President Bush modulated himself; at a press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bush swore off the Wild West rhetoric of getting enemies "dead or alive," conceding, "in certain parts of the world, it was misinterpreted." America at a Crossroads P.3:  The Last 'WWIII'.

Possible Future Conflicts from a US Point of View.




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