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Popular Notions that People Don’t Know P.1:

Notions that People Don't Know P.2 Predictability:

A few days ago National Geographic published a Languages Racing to Extinction in 5 Global "Hotspots" - map. Not mentioned is the fact that most languages the past 150 years were lost throug Nationalist projects. We start with From India to Indonesia:

History Revisited. While Pakistan might soon become a failed state, Pakistani Nationalist (strongly disavowed by Hindu Nationalists) see their past ‘golden age’, as rooted in the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. The Rise and Decline of the Delhi Sultanate P.1.

Cool Pacific and Baghdad snow (pictured below), raises questions. Contrarian View on Global Warming:

History Revisited. Of course it is not only Pakistan but also the Hindu Nationalists that refer to the Mughal Empire.  The Rise and Decline of the Delhi Sultanate P.2.

While godmen like Sai Baba in India in India continue to attract western followers ----sometimes spectators do not understand the fabric of meaning spun by these 'holy men.' In fact their practices probably originated from the outlook of  Muslim mystics, referred to as a sufi. Visiting India P.1

The Language Wars – I to III

Following a description of the first languages in South Asia next Sanskrit and the spread of English. Where in the East, Munda and other so called Austro-Asiatic languages, along with Tibeto-Burman languages, are probably equally ancient, outer Indo-Aryan probably was spoken in North Bihar by the early first millennium BCE and Orissa. In peninsular India, Proto-Nilgiri, an inferred language of the Nilgiri hills, is the earliest language for which evidence exists.  And Proto-Dravidian in S. India/Sri-Lanka, is shown to be dated to the third to fourth millennium BCE.

Case Study Dioxin: The Anatomy of Scares.

The rise of the West as a concept came with Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West. Next Anti-colonial political ideologies took up the Russian framework in the twentieth century: for example, Gustave Von Grunebaum, in his 1965 Modern Islam: The Search for Cultural Identity, claims that Arab and other third-world nationalists are ''taking the road the Russians took little more than a century ago" Finding the West:

How Languages are Spreading the World, plus the Top Twenty Today

To foresee Chinese or Arabic as major international languages requires no imagination: it follows from extrapolation of current population trends, in combination with well-known economic and political facts. But in reality, the future language history of the world will quite likely involve surprising new developments that alter population balances. Who could have foreseen that discovery of gold in Brazil in the 1790s would suddenly spur that place to fill up with Portuguese speakers, when Portugal had already held the land for three centuries without any great linguistic effect? Sometimes a single event is enough to trigger a potential that has long been possible, but remained unrealised.

Visiting Malaysia Then and Now P.1.

Recently in Kuala Lumpur, about 10,000 ethnic Indians marched in the Malaysian capital's streets. Visiting Malaysia Then and Now P.2.

The recent demonstrations signal unpredictability to come. Visiting Malaysia Then and Now P.3.

Malaysia's prime minister vowed to curtail the rights of its Hindu population, the ostensible aim of the initial rally in Kuala Lumpur however was to call on the British government to pay $4 trillion (£2 trillion) in compensation to the two million ethnic Indians in Malaysia whose ancestors were taken to the country as indentured laborers in the 19th century. Visiting Malaysia Then and Now P.4.

While Sikhs worldwide celebrate the birthday of their religion, we look at the environment in which their movement was born.

Dec. 25, 2007: Case Study New Religious Movements. The Rise of the Mega churches: The Create Your Own Reality Movement P.1.

What Next with the Current World Order?  Overview:

The institution of the modern state and the creation of Belgium as such, depends on the co-existence of many “nations” as multiple sources of transcendent credibility. This system of nation-states would  wither away however  if the “nation” is replaced as the dominant type of source of transcendent credibility in the world. From Belgium to Kosovo P.1.

S.America and the events that led up to the League of Nations Conference. From Belgium to Kosovo P.2.

Recently, leading British Newspaper Telegraph asked (ironicly): "perhaps there should never be a Belgian government." From Belgium to Kosovo P.3.

While Russia and the United States continue to tango over issues of missile defense and Iran, one issue has yet to be resolved: Kosovo. But as rumors swirl of U.S. concessions to Russia, the Kosovar issue might be added to the tally of compromises. Plus as is known, the Prime Minister of Bosnia the Serb Nikola Spiric recently resigned. From Belgium to Kosovo P.4.

When Bosnia-Herzegovina gained its independence in 1992, armed conflict, and then a genocidal war that involved the whole former SFRY region, erupted among all the groups. At the time, Bosnia-Herzegovina was largely controlled by the Serbian majority, which is now concentrated in the current Serb Republic. Eventually, the Bosniaks and Croats teamed up to create the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to counter The Serb Republic. Unpleasant truths about a devided Bosnia. From Belgium to Kosovo P.5.

While we briefly mentioned Richard Holbrooke who said to have let wanted, Radovan Karadzic go (topic of  "The Hunting Ground" with Richard Gere, opens Nov.23) today we take a deeper look at all three, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia. From Belgium to Kosovo P.6.

Codifying statehood and switching recognition into the realm of international law would be the equivalent of giving up the right to intervene and control international affairs. The Geostrategic Gamble and Kosovo.  From Belgium to Kosovo P.7.

Following our Introduction now our Comment.

In reference to our case study from Oct 2, 2006, we can report that The Ulster Defence Association (see member below), the largest Protestant paramilitary group in N.Ireland today declared a formal end to its decade of terror on the north's Catholic minority:

Once more on the move, 30 Shining Path rebels today killed four police officers, Peru, Press TV reported. World Journal Case Study.

For the new  $20m movie, loosely based on Nicholas Notovitch’s bestseller The Unknown Life of Christ; casting for suitable Bollywood and Hollywood actors has begun. Case Study Aquarian Gospel Movie.

Update: French Women don't get Fat, God's Way to Lose Weight

Lose 30 Pounds in just 30 Days. Lose Weight While You Sleep. Scientific Breakthrough ... Medical Miracle. Lose All the Weight You Can for Just $39.99, most of you will have read or heard of similar claims being made. But not only do we know that diets don’t work, or if, tests show one doesn’t work any better than the other. However some of the other products sold are more dangerous at times.

(Research Report) Ethnoclass in the Developing World.

Updated: Barring a dramatic mutation, H5N1 to date is more of an agricultural threat.

In a report released this week by London's Centre for European Reform writes about a "grim" educational "malaise" in Europe where most of its best universities are "clearly in the second division," worsened by an "exodus of academic talent." So how does this compare to global rankings and what about a solution?

As evidenced by yesterday’s special edition of Scientific American "Human Nature" continues to be a hotly debated issue today. We investigated why and how:

Jesus in the Talmud: The Roots of Christianity P.1:

The Jesus Dynasty: The Roots of Christianity P.2

Rajneeshpuram's Enlightened Consciousness Claim.

First Review of “Knights Templar of the Middle East” by “HRH Prince Michael of Albany” author of “The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland.” Case Study:

Continuing with the central foto at the top we take a look at the meaning of religion.

Alternative History books:

From clinical trials to traditional epidemiological studies there is an increasing concern that false findings may be the majority of published medicinal research claims today. Hope and Hype Versus Evidence Based Medicine:

Many explanations have been offered to make sense of the here-today-gone-tomorrow nature of medical wisdom — what we are advised with confidence one year is reversed the next — but the simplest one is that it is the natural rhythm of science. An observation leads to a hypothesis. The hypothesis (last year’s advice) is tested, and it fails this year’s test, which is always the most likely outcome in any scientific endeavor. There are, after all, an infinite number of wrong hypotheses for every right one, and so the odds are always against any particular hypothesis being true, no matter how obvious or vitally important it might seem.

The Medical Industry

More challenging, is the situation looked at next, where a treatment has some very small advantage over alternative treatments, but at a very high price. The number of such treatments is enormous, and we're definitely paying for them.

Hope and Hype Versus Evidence Based Medicine?

Following our in depth report about the 'Great Asian War', we now look at the geostrategicy of Japan today. Over the course of the past century; two consensuses about national security, the first militarist and the second pacifist, were established. Each was built by shaving the sharp edges of ideological division to accommodate a coherent national strategy. In the process, the mainstream shifted course; once-marginal views were embraced, and broadly shared values splintered. Japanese grand strategy was buffeted by shifts in the domestic civil-military relationship from political leadership to military leadership in the 1930s, from military leadership to bureaucratic leadership in the 1950s, and from bureaucratic to political leadership today.

August 22, 2007: The twin rewards of autonomy and prestige are within Japan's grasp for the first time in living memory. To reduce associated risks, Japan will be cautious. It will be normal. It will hedge. The security strategy and institutions abetting this hedge will be neither too hard nor too soft. The New Japan.

Weakness of American Economic Ideology.

Following our case study about Central Asia's Oil and Islam more than a month ago, today a 'Horrifying' terror attack was thwarted. Comment.

Central Asia Update.

Global Jihad Case Study: Central Asia P.1.

Likely to become a new arena of international interest in the 21st century, not least because of its cocktail of abundant oil and gas, Islamic jihadist groups, dictatorial regimes, and rivalry between Russia, China, Pakistan, the US and Iran. Central Asia P.2.


Hydrocarbons and the Great Powers. Central Asia P.3.

Introduction: Differentiations between violence and newer versions of jihad from a perspective of Cultic Studies/New Religious Movements (NMRs) perspective. Continue...

Case Study: Initially related to Eugenics, intelligence tests provide probabilistic predictions. The predictive rates are never great, but they exist. By analyzing the proceedings of the 2004 Conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research we uncover the caveats of intelligence testing: P.1 During the World Wars. One needs to figure out when institutional concerns are greater than individuals' interests hence: P.2 Intelligence and Race.

Enter the GM Crop Debate: Weighting the Evidence of Environmentalist Claims:

US Secretary of State Rice announced as an agenda for the the Middle East peace conference to take place next month "Palestinians must have a state that meets their aspirations." So we investigated Palestinian Nationalism P.1.

Following our critique of the early Zionist project a look at what in contrat to us, "The Israel Lobby" (published August 27) and also Jimmy Carter have made of this. Palestinian Nationalism P.2.

Jerusalem Seen in Snow Today:

A History of the Jerusalem Problem:

Just completed reading Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jew, written by Allan Hart who calls Arafat “a saint.” But should post-Zionism be taken seriously?

Before, the Mediterranean Sea carried more trade than any other body of water, and next it was the North Sea, and then the Atlantic. Then the era of the Pacific arrived, with, both the United States and China major frontages on this ocean. But India, like China, is also a major military power overlooking a great ocean. Updated: The Burden of Boundaries and today's, Clash, or Mesh of Civilisations?

New Chinese military outpost at one Iran’s Gulf ports. The China-Pakistan-Iran Axis Today.

Pictural Overview of the Middle East Today.





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