Progressivist visions of history, such as those of Saint-Simon and Shelley, ultimately turned to the past in order to conceive a Golden Age, yet in the Saint-Simonian utopia imagined by Enfantin, there would be no marriage. He also called for a called for a “new Christianity,” with Saint Simon and Comte, or even for a new religion altogether, in the neo-pagan vein.

For many people, 9/11 served to confirm-spectacularly, implosively-the global reach of evil empires, of secret networks of crazed killers, of suicide cells that would foment Armageddon by infiltrating the innocent forms of everyday life in the "civilized world."

Verschwörungstheorien während der Französischen Revolution, Die Rolle der Jesuiten und die Entstehung von "linken" und "rechten" Verschwörungstheorien, Die esoterisch-politische Utopie der Illuminaten, Die Weltverschwörung durch Juden und Freimaurer.


Errors in Sociology and History writing


Henry Cole, writing in the late nineteenth century, was the first scholar to claim that the simplicity of early Buddhist art was superior to the art produced by later Hinduism.' Although this simple preference may seem innocuous, it contributed to a dialogue that desired to read Indian history in terms of decay from a distant, more glorious past and, in this way, to help justify the colonial project.


Conspiracy Theories in the Muslim World today, P.1 Iran.





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