Arab Revolt

Pictural Overview of the Middle East

7 September, 2011: Libya as the model for transition to moderate Muslim rule in Arab capitals, Syria’s conflict to affect Lebanon.



29 Jan. 2011: What next with Egypt?


21 Febr. 2011:   Libya appears to be on the verge of civil war, and increased unrest in the larger Arab Middle East is causing growing concerns -- especially for Saudi Arabia. Libya Probable To Break Apart Plus Other Places To Watch.

23 Febr. 2011: Gadhafi, who for the moment is entirely focused on staying in power, must ensure that the tribes loyal to him continue to stay loyal and hope that the use of force will help him to overcome the widespread opposition to his rule. Inside Libya Revealed.

25 Febr. 2011: Inside Egypt’s Political Structure.

18 March 2011: With the UN Security Council passing a resolution authorising "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya from pro-Gaddafi forces, eyes are turning again to the Libyan opposition. The Executive Council and identifying who exactly the “eastern rebels” are.

19 March 2011: While a potential Western-led military intervention in Libya is dominating the headlines, the crisis in Yemen edging closer to civil war today might also be of strategic consequence especially to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States:

24 March 2011:  While lack of coalition intelligence leaves Libyan forces with freedom of movement, we also examine the complications related to transferring authority for the Libyan intervention from the United States to its European allies. Continue…

June 2, 2011: Libya's dissident forces claim real military gains in one place, the Nafusa Mountains in the West.

June 18, 2011: The Arab Revolt which burst on the Middle East on Dec. 17, 2010 has just passed its first six-month mark. Current Regional Analyses and Outlook for the Next Three Months:

A demonstrator waving the Egyptian flag above a packed Tahrir Square in Cairo in April.

August 17, 2011: Syria’s Assad, ingredients for Mid East war held ready to hand. Plus ‘Arab Spring’ where is it going?

25 August, 2011: Former central bank governor claims Gaddafi may use gold to bribe tribes. Case Study: What next with Libya.



20 October, 2011: What next with Libya, Part 2:


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